Program "Living Healthy, Living Well"

Is a comprehensive health and wellness program that seeks to promote healthy eating habits in people.
Why promote healthy eating at work and in daily life?

Kiosk and Healthy Cart

We provide the service of implementing a “healthy kiosk” in your institution, where we offer nutritious sandwiches, fruits, Andean grain snacks, biscuits, pure fruit nectars, diverse pastries free of refined flours and sugar, we use panela and stevia.

Healthy Pastry (without dairy, made with organic whole wheat flour, eggs and sunflower oil)

Fruits, fruit salads, juices, sandwiches, fruity desserts, pies, etc

Our healthy snacks come from small producers. We promote fair trade. We also have imported organic products.

Fruit Day

We offer fresh fruit to office workers, it is an excellent gift that will bring wellbeing and happiness.

Healthy talks

We give talks on healthy eating habits to your organisation’s employees.

Celebrate Healthy

We offer a service of fine, healthy pastries, with wholemeal flour, stevia and panela, using organic inputs. So you can celebrate birthdays or anniversaries without guilt.

Artisan Gifts

We offer to make the best handcrafted gift with ecological materials, handmade by women entrepreneurs of the social project of the Lidera en Ti Comunidad Foundation, which you can give to a loved one.